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Collectors: Evacuated Tube & Flate Plate Explained ~ Evacuated Tube Collectors - For Optimum Performance

These contain evacuated glass tubes which are mounted on a frame and connected by a manifold. Due to vacuum within the tube as well as other design factors, they are more suitable for the UK climate providing greater performance all year round. Evacuated tube collectors can perform up to 18% more efficient than Flat Plate collectors.

Although they can't be integrated within the roof structure, their efficiency and performance make them the obvious solution for retrofit installations, and can actually appear contemporary in appearance.

Evacuated Tube 'A Frame' (Flat Roof)

Evacuated Tube 'On Roof'

Types of Evacuated Tube Collector (Heat Pipe & Direct Flow)

Heat Pipe evacuated tube collectors are a popular choice for ease of installation and for economic pricing, but have a tendency to overheat quicker, resulting in stagnation Direct Flow evacuated tube collectors contain a series of 'U' pipes and give greater performance per square area. They also are more resilient to overheating, and stagnation.

Oxford Solarheat ONLY supply and install HIGH QUALITY 'direct flow' type evacuated tube collectors

~ Flat Plate Collectors

Based on A thin absorber sheet, which is unusually copper, backed by a fluid tubing system all placed in an insulated casing with a glass covering. Fluid is then circulated through the tubing which absorbs heat from the collector and transports it to the heat exchanger.

Vertical Flat Plate On Roof
Vertical Flat Plate 'On Roof'
Vertical Flat Plate In Roof
Vertical Flat Plate 'In Roof'
Vertical Flat Plate A Frame (Flat Roof)
Vertical Flat Plate 'A Frame' (Flat Roof)

The insulated casing ensures minimal heat loss from the collector, which can reach efficiencies of 75 - 80% .The transparent cover, protects against weather damage and prevents heat from being carried away in the wind. Marginally less efficient but still able to contribute efficient heat, these collectors can be integrated within the roof structure, similar to a 'Velux' window in appearance, making them a popular choice for new build projects, or where planning issues need to be avoided.